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William Shakespeare’s Iceland Prophecy

© Gunnar Tómasson

11 April 2017


The only mention of Iceland in the First Folio of 1623 is found in the following line in Henry V, Act II, Sc. i: Pish for thee, Island dogge: thou prickeard cur of Island (Cipher Value 23294). In the context of Saga-Shakespeare Myth the rowdy vulgarity of the scene itself, a mention therein of Base Tyke, and its final words – flashing fire will follow – can be viewed as clues to the Cipher Value‘s decomposition as follows:

10338 = The Devil‘s Bed and Bolster – Shakespeare Myth

8856 = Money-Power-Sex – Associated concepts

4000 = Flaming Sword – As in flashing fire

    100 = The End



I. Pistols cock is vp, and flashing fire will follow

(Henry V, Act II, Sc. i – First Folio)


18650 = Enter Corporall Nym, and Lieutenant Bardolfe.


11538 = Well met Corporall Nym.


15575 = Good morrow Lieutenant Bardolfe.


20149 = What, are Ancient Pistoll and you friends yet?


14707 = For my part, I care not: I say little:

21416 = but when time shall serue, there shall be smiles,

10337 = but that shall be as it may.

25202 = I dare not fight, but I will winke and holde out mine yron:

16344 = it is a simple one, but what though?

21118 = It will toste Cheese, and it will endure cold,

20533 = as another mans sword will: and there’s an end.


21000 = I will bestow a breakfast to make you friendes,

21875 = and wee’l bee all three sworne brothers to France:

13059 = Let’t be so good Corporall Nym.


24719 = Faith, I will liue so long as I may, that’s the certaine of it:

21189 = and when I cannot liue any longer, I will doe as I may:

20412 = That is my rest, that is the rendeuous of it.


26274 = It is certaine, Corporall, that he is marryed, to Nell Quickly,

13966 = and certainly she did you wrong,

16922 = for you were troth-plight to her.


22102 = I cannot tell. Things must be as they may: men may sleepe,

23129 = and they may haue their throats about them at that time,

11631 = and some say, kniues haue edges:

19997 = It must be as it may, though patience be a tyred name,

22416 = yet shee will plodde, there must be Conclusions,

8961 = well, I cannot tell.

11335 = Enter Pistoll, & Quickly.


17887 = Heere comes Ancient Pistoll and his wife:

13094 = good Corporall be patient heere.

15576 = How now mine Hoaste Pistoll?


13172 = Base Tyke, cal’st thou mee Hoste,

20417 = now by this hand I sweare I scorne the terme:

11918 = nor shall my Nel keep Lodgers.


10650 = No by my troth, not long:

21060 = For we cannot lodge and board a dozen or fourteene

27375 = Gentlewomen that liue honestly by the pricke of their Needles,

26394 = but it will bee thought we keepe a Bawdy-house straight.

16405 = O welliday Lady, if he be not hewne now,

24988 = we shall see wilful adultery and murther committed.


21809 = Good Lieutenant, good Corporal offer nothing heere.


2380 = Pish.


23294 = Pish for thee, Island dogge: thou prickeard cur of Island.


29119 = Good Corporall Nym shew thy valor, and put vp your sword.


21631 = Will you shogge off?  I would haue you solus.


15844 = Solus, egregious dog?  O Viper vile;

18253 = The solus in thy most meruailous face,

18417 = the solus in thy teeth, and in thy throate,

19009 = and in thy hatefull Lungs, yea in thy Maw perdy;

23119 = and which is worse, within thy nastie mouth.

23093 = I do retort the solus in thy bowels, for I can take,

24963 = and Pistols cocke is vp, and flashing fire will follow.


II. The Majestic Roll of Circling Centuries Begins Anew

(Virgil, Shakespeare, and Contemporary History)



Virgil’s Christ Prophecy

  20087 = Magnus ab integro saeclorum nascitur ordo.¹

The Once and Future King

           1 = Monad

15621 = The Tragedie of Hamlet, Prince of Denmarke



  8525 = Gunnar Tómasson

12385 = Guðrún Ólafía Jónsdóttir

Non-Violent Crimes

11587 = Character Assassination

5881 = Níðingsverk – Barbarity

7750 = Psychiatric Rape

6603 = Mannorðsmorð – Vicious Slander

16439 = Criminal Obstruction of Justice

Gates of Hell

13031 = International Monetary Fund

9948 = Harvard University

7146 = Seðlabanki Íslands


  25920 = Platonic Great Year

The End

    2600 = FINIS


I + II = 954423 + 163524 = 1117947

III. Why do‘s the Drumme come hither?

Flashing Fire Will Follow

 (Hamlet, Act V, Sc. ii – First folio)


 15079 = March afarre off, and shout within.


21084 = What warlike noyse is this?                    Enter Osricke.


22993 = Yong Fortinbras, with conquest come fro¹ Poland

24474 = To th’Ambassadors of England giues this warlike volly.


5901 = O I dye Horatio:

24502 = The potent poyson quite ore-crowes my spirit,

19230 = I cannot liue to heare the Newes from England,

17032 = But I do prophesie th’election lights

14414 = On Fortinbras, he ha’s my dying voyce,

22842 = So tell him with the occurrents more and lesse,

23314 = Which have solicited.  The rest is silence.  O, o, o, o.  Dyes.     


10167 = Now cracke a Noble heart:

11836 = Goodnight sweet Prince,

18286 =And flights of Angels sing thee to thy rest,

14342 = Why do’s the Drumme come hither?


16923 = Enter Fortinbras and English Ambassador,

18137 = with Drumme, Colours, and Attendants.


10437 = Where is this sight?


12180 = What is it ye would see;

21128 = If ought of woe, or wonder, cease your search.


18987 = His quarry cries on hauocke.  Oh proud death,

20646 = What feast is toward in thine eternall Cell.

17251 = That thou so many Princes, at a shoote,

11980 = So bloodily hast strooke.


8962 = The sight is dismall,

17034 = And our affaires from England come too late,

22958 = The eares are senselesse that should give vs hearing,

17106 = To tell him his command’ment is fulfill’d

17885 = That Rosincrance and Guildensterne are dead:

16857 = Where should we haue our thankes?


9607 = Not from his mouth,

15062 = Had it th’abilitie of life to thanke you:

16660 = He neuer gaue command’ment for their death

22657 = But since so iumpe vpon this bloodie question,

20905 = You from the Polake warres, and you from England

18723 = Are heere arriued.  Giue order that these bodies

14365 = High on a stage be placed to the view,

20828 = And let me speake to th’yet vnknowing world,

20781 = How these things came about.  So shall you heare

16187 = Of carnall, bloudie, and vnnaturall acts,

20116 = Of accidentall iudgements, casuall slaughters

17748 = Of death’s put on by cunning, and forc’d cause,

19567 = And in this vpshot, purposes mistooke,

17470 = Falne on the Inuentors heads.  All this can I

7002 = Truly deliuer.


10425 = Let us hast to heare it,

14076 = And call the Noblest to the Audience.

20198 = For me, with sorrow, I embrace my Fortune,

18870 = I haue some Rites of memory in this Kingdome,

14639 = Which are ro² claime my vantage doth

4289 = Inuite me.


18476 = Of that I shall haue alwayes cause to speake,

8322 = And from his mouth

16597 = Whose voyce will draw on more:

17888 = But let this same be presently perform’d,

15823 = Even whiles mens mindes are wilde,

8809 = Lest more mischance

12621 = On plots, and errors happen.


8917 = Let foure Captaines

15105 = Beare Hamlet like a Soldier to the Stage,

14203 = For he was likely, had he beene put on

12980 = To haue prou’d most royally:

7504 = And for his passage,

22923 = The Souldiours Musicke, and the rites of Warre

9882 = Speake lowdly for him.

15535 = Take vp the body; Such a sight as this

18956 = Becomes the Field, but heere shewes much amis.

12625 = Go, bid the Souldiers shoote.


17610 = Exeunt Marching: after the which, a Peale of

  9029 = Ordenance are shot off.



Calculator for converting letters to cipher values is at:


¹A new breed of men sent down from heaven.

(Virgil, Fourth Eclogue)

Ultima Cumaei venit iam carminis aetas;

Magnus ab integro saeclorum nascitur ordo.

Iam redit et Virgo, redeunt Saturnia regna,

Iam nova progenies caelo demittitur alto.

Tu modo nascenti puero, quo ferrea primum

Desinet ac toto surget gens aurea mundo,

Casta fave Lucina: tuus iam regnat Apollo.

Teque adeo decus hoc aevi te consule, inibit,

Pollio, et incipient magni procedere menses;

Te duce, si qua manent sceleris vestigia nostri,

Inrita perpetua solvent formidine terras.

Ille deum vitam accipiet divisque videbit

Permixtos heroas et ipse videbitur illis

Pacatumque reget patriis virtutibus orbem.


Now the last age by Cumae’s Sibyl sung has come and gone, and the majestic roll of circling centuries begins anew: justice returns, returns old Saturn’s reign, with a new breed of men sent down from heaven. Only do thou, at the boy’s birth in whom the iron shall cease, the golden race arise, befriend him, chaste Lucina; ‘tis thine own Apollo reigns. And in thy consulate, this glorious age, O Pollio, shall begin, and the months enter on their mighty march. Under thy guidance, whatso tracks remain of our old wickedness, once done away, shall free the earth from never-ceasing fear. He shall receive the life of gods, and see heroes with gods commingling, and himself be seen of them, and with his father’s worth reign o’er a world of peace.

² Spelling as in First Folio text.



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