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Christ Consciousness – Abomination of Desolation

© Gunnar Tómasson

28 May 2018 


Reference Cipher Value


Time-of-the-End Prophecy and The United States

26 May 2018


Shakespeare Myth and

Modern History


1441199 = I.    The Ides of March are come – I Cæsar, but not gone

621625 = II.   This same Day Must End that Worke the Ides of March begun

988942 = III. Cæsar, now be still, I kill’d not thee with halfe so good a will

271148 = IV.    A New Breed of Men Sent Down from Heaven

468222 = V.   Abomination of Desolation – Contemporary history

50482 = VI.  Come poore remaines of friends, rest on this Rocke



Francis Bacon – Prophecy

(Essay, Of Truth, Omega)

Surely the Wickednesse of Falshood, and Breach of Faith,

cannot possibly be so highly expressed,

as in that it shall be the last Peale,

to call the Iudgements of God, vpon the Generations of Men,

it being foretold, that when Christ commeth,

He shall not finde faith vpon the earth.


I. The Ides of March are come – I Cæsar, but not gone

(Julius Cæsar, Act III, Sc. i. First Folio 1623)


4916 = Flourish.                                                                                       

24433 = Enter Cæsar, Brutus, Cassius, Caska, Decius, Metellus,

25886 = Trebonius, Cynna, Antony, Lepidus, Artimedorus, Publius,         

8352 =  and the Soothsayer.


9508 = The Ides of March are come.


8887 = I Cæsar, but not gone.


11592 = Haile Cæsar: Read this Scedule.


17267 = Trebonius doth desire you to ore-read

20518 = (At your best leysure) this his humble suite.


17809 = O Cæsar, reade mine first: for mine’s a suite

19816 = That touches Cæsar neerer.  Read it great Cæsar,


22379 = What touches vs our selfe, shall be last seru’d.


14149 = Delay not, Cæsar, read it instantly.


11037 = What, is the fellow mad?


6900 = Sirra, giue place.


22754 = What, vrge you your Petitions in the street?

9210 = Come to the Capitoll.


19963 = I wish your enterprize to day may thriue.


15019 = What enterprize Popillius?


6575 = Fare you well.


11992 = What said Popillius Lena?


22191 = He wisht to day our enterprize might thriue:

15837 = I feare our purpose is discouered.


15806 = Looke how he makes to Cæsar: marke him.


16942 = Caska be sodaine, for we feare preuention,

20350 = Brutus what shall be done?  If this be knowne,

18558 = Cassius or Cæsar neuer shall turne backe,

10528 = For I will slay my selfe.


9990 = Cassius be constant:

21899 = Popillius Lena speakes not of our purposes,

18125 = For looke he smiles, and Cæsar doth not change.


24829 = Trebonius knowes his time: for look you Brutus

17249 = He drawes Mark Antony out of the way.


16210 = Where is Metellus Cimber, let him go,

19500 = And presently preferre his suite to Cæsar.


16379 = He is addrest: presse neere, and second him.


19433 = Caska, you are the first that reares your hand.


16879 = Are we all ready?  What is now amisse,

17969 = That Cæsar and his Senate must redresse?


21506 = Most high, most mighty, and most puisant Cæsar

19567 = Metellus Cymber throwes before thy Seate

5778 = An humble heart.


12472 = I must preuent thee Cymber:

21733 = These couchings, and these lowly courtesies

14345 = Might fire the blood of ordinary men,

16504 = And turne pre-Ordinance, and first Decree

14255 = Into the lane of Children.  Be not fond,

18986 = To thinke that Cæsar beares such Rebell blood

20290 = That will be thaw’d from the true quality

27136 = With that which melteth Fooles, I meane sweet words,

22347 = Low-crooked-curtsies, and base Spaniell fawning:

12618 = Thy Brother by decree is banished:

17586 = If thou doest bend, and pray, and fawne for him,

18113 = I spurne thee like a Curre out of my way:

25524 = Know, Cæsar doth not wrong, nor without cause

8655 = Will he be satisfied.


21609 = Is there no voyce more worthy then my owne,

20385 = To sound more sweetly in great Cæsars eare,

15686 = For the repealing of my banish’d Brother?


18142 = I kisse thy hand, but not in flattery, Cæsar:

16107 = Desiring thee, that Publius Cymber may

12806 = Haue an immediate freedome of repeale.


7924 = What, Brutus!


11142 = Pardon, Cæsar; Cæsar, pardon:

19425 = As lowe as to thy foote doth Cassius fall,

19052 = To begge infranchisement for Publius Cymber.


16379 = I could be well mou’d if I were as you,

22538 = If I could pray to mooue, Prayers would mooue me:

19543 = But I am constant as the Northerne Starre,

19698 = Of whose true fixt, and resting quality

16134 = There is no fellow in the Firmament.

21305 = The Skies are painted with vnnumbred sparkes,

15567 = They are all Fire and every one doth shine:

18563 = But, there’s but one in all doth hold his place.

23070 = So, in the World; ‘Tis furnish’d well with Men,

15675 = And Men are Flesh and Blood, and apprehensiue;

15653 = Yet in the number I do know but One

15556 = That vnassayleable holds on his Ranke,

13067 = Vnshak’d of Motion: and that I am he,

16339 = Let me a little shew it, euen in this,

19864 = That I was constant Cymber should be banish’d,

15998 = And constant do remaine to keepe him so.


3200 = O Cæsar, –


16936 = Hence:  Wilt thou lift up Olympus!


4910 = Great Cæsar, –


16307 = Doth not Brutus bootlesse kneele?


7232 = Speake, hands, for me!

6500 = They stab Cæsar.


13836 = Et Tu, Brute? _______ Then fall Cæsar.   Dyes   


II. This same Day Must End that Worke

the Ides of March begun

(Cæsar, Act V, Sc. I, First Folio)



12879 = Now most Noble Brutus,

17568 = The gods today stand friendly, that we may,

15686 = Louers in peace, leade on our dayes to age!

23178 = But since the affayres of men rests still incertaine,

21190 = Let’s reason with the worst that may befall.

17931 = If we do lose this Battaile, then is this

19984 = The very last time we shall speake together:

15404 = What are you then determined to do?


15472 = Euen by the rule of that Philosophy,

14051 = By which I did blame Cato, for the death

19501 = Which he did giue himselfe, I know not how:

14406 = But I do finde it Cowardly, and vile,

19113 = For feare of what might fall, so to preuent

19095 = The time of life, arming my selfe with patience,

20623 = To stay the prouidence of some high Powers,

11326 = That gouerne vs below.


13765 = Then, if we loose this battaile,

16527 = You are contented to be led in Triumph

14976 = Thorow the streets of Rome.


7042 = No, Cassius, no:

13000 = Thinke not thou Noble Romane,

19844 = That euer Brutus will go bound to Rome,

16711 = He beares too great a minde.  But this same day

19149 = Must end that work the Ides of March begun.

20191 = And whether we shall meete againe, I know not:

19155 = Therefore our euerlasting farewell take:

17976 = For euer, and for euer, farewell Cassius,

17336 = If we do meete againe, why we shall smile;

21165 = If not, why then, this parting was well made.


18046 = For euer, and for euer, farewell, Brutus:

14916 = If we do meete againe, wee’l smile indeed;

21535 = If not, ’tis true, this parting was well made.


17661 = Why then leade on.  O that a man might know

17668 = The end of this dayes businesse, ere it come:

17050 = But it sufficeth, that the day will end,

  20505 = And then the end is knowne.  Come ho, away.   Exeunt.


III. Cæsar, now be still,

I kill’d not thee with halfe so good a will

(Cæsar, Act V, Sc. v, First Folio)


27431 = Enter Brutus, Dardanius, Clitus, Strato, and Volumnius.   


22431 = Come poore remaines of friends, rest on this Rocke.


22615 = Statillius shew’d the Torch-light, but my Lord

14738 = He came not backe: he is or tane, or slaine.


21394 = Sit thee downe, Clitus: slaying is the word,

16002 = It is a deed in fashion.  Hearke thee, Clitus.


18735 = What I, my Lord?  No, not for all the World.


9486 = Peace then, no words.


9389 = Ile rather kill my selfe.


8186 = Hearke thee, Dardanius.


7540 = Shall I doe such a deed?


4916 = O Dardanius.


4806 = O Clitus.


19677 = What ill request did Brutus make to thee?


16522 = To kill him, Clitus: looke he meditates.


18524 = Now is that Noble Vessell full of griefe,

16777 = That it runnes ouer euen at his eyes.


19766 = Come hither, good Volumnius, list a word.


8965 = What sayes my Lord?


11762 = Why this, Volumnius:

15079 = The Ghost of Cæsar hath appear’d to me

20095 = Two seuerall times by Night: at Sardis, once;

17915 = And this last Night, here in Philippi fields:

11202 = I know my houre is come.


6885 = Not so, my Lord.


14113 = Nay, I am sure it is, Volumnius.

24548 = Thou seest the World, Volumnius, how it goes,

22418 = Our Enemies haue beat vs to the Pit:                     Low Alarums.

20447 = It is more worthy, to leape in our selues,

22529 = Then tarry till they push vs.  Good Volumnius,

29663 = Thou know’st, that we two went to Schoole together:

17052 = Euen for that our loue of old, I prethee

24652 = Hold thou my Sword Hilts, whilest I runne on it.


15886 = That’s not an Office for a friend, my Lord.

6214 = Alarum still.


17222 = Fly, flye, my Lord, there is no tarrying heere.


20403 = Farewell to you, and you, and you, Volumnius.

20554 = Strato, thou hast bin all this while asleepe:

19893 = Farewell to thee, to Strato,  Countrymen:

15437 = My heart doth ioy, that yet in all my life,

16259 = I found no man, but he was true to me.

15062 = I shall haue glory by this loosing day,

15870 = More then Octauius, and Marke Antony,

19379 = By this vile Conquest shall attaine vnto.

21107 = So fare you well at once, for Brutus tongue

16046 = Hath almost ended his liues History:

21799 = Night hangs vpon mine eyes, my Bones would rest,

19708 = That haue but labour’d, to attaine this houre.

13599 = Alarum. Cry within, Flye, flye, flye.


5833 = Fly my Lord, flye.


10117 = Hence:  I will follow:

18105 = I prythee, Strato, stay thou by thy Lord,

15993 = Thou art a Fellow of a good respect:

17546 = Thy life hath had some smatch of Honor in it,

18913 = Hold then my Sword, and turne away thy face,

22243 = While I do run vpon it.  Wilt thou, Strato?


19393 = Giue me your hand first. Fare you wel my Lord.


19970 = Farewell good Strato. –  Cæsar, now be still,

20131 = I kill’d not thee with halfe so good a will.  Dyes.


IV. A New Breed of Men Sent Down from Heaven

Disciples of Christ

(Virgil, Fourth Eclogue)


16609 = Ultima Cumaei venit iam carminis aetas;

20087 = Magnus ab integro saeclorum nascitur ordo.

18681 = Iam redit et Virgo, redeunt Saturnia regna,

18584 = Iam nova progenies caelo demittitur alto.

20229 = Tu modo nascenti puero, quo ferrea primum

18431 = Desinet ac toto surget gens aurea mundo,

17698 = Casta fave Lucina: tuus iam regnat Apollo.

18480 = Teque adeo decus hoc aevi te consule, inibit,

18919 = Pollio, et incipient magni procedere menses;

22004 = Te duce, si qua manent sceleris vestigia nostri,

20495 = Inrita perpetua solvent formidine terras.

18330 = Ille deum vitam accipiet divisque videbit

20448 = Permixtos heroas et ipse videbitur illis

  22153 = Pacatumque reget patriis virtutibus orbem.


V. Abomination of Desolation²

(Contemporary history)


The Gates of Hell

13031 = International Monetary Fund

9948 = Harvard University

7146 = Seðlabanki Íslands – Central Bank of Iceland = 30125

Right Measure of Man


8525 = Gunnar Tómasson

12385 = Guðrún Ólafía Jónsdóttir

Modes of Persecution

11587 = Character Assassination

5881 = Níðingsverk – Barbarity

7750 = Psychiatric Rape

6603 = Mannorðsmorð – Vicious Slander

16439 = Criminal Obstruction of Justice

Persecutors – Pontius Pilates

U.S. Government

12867 = William Jefferson Clinton – President

4496 = Janet Reno – Attorney General


8899 = Jacques de Larosière – Managing Director

7678 = Michel Camdessus – Managing Director

5517 = William B. Dale – Deputy Managing Director

2713 = Dick Erb – Deputy Managing Director

6584 = Jacques J. Polak – Economic Counsellor

4734 = Tun Thin – Asian Department Director

9349 = W. John R. Woodley – Asian Department Deputy Director

3542 = Ken Clark – Director of Administration

3339 = Graeme Rea – Director of Administration

3227 = P. N. Kaul – Deputy Director of Administration

5446 = Nick Zumas – Grievance Committee Chairman


3625 = Derek C. Bok – President

8175 = Henry Rosovsky – Dean, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

8566 = James S. Duesenberry – Chairman, Department of Economics

11121 = Paul Anthony Samuelson – Ph. D., Nobel Laureate in Economics

8381 = Walter S. Salant – Ph. D., Brookings Institution Senior Fellow


10244 = Vigdís Finnbogadóttir – President

11361 = Salóme Þorkelsdóttir – Althing President

6028 = Davíd Oddsson – Prime Minister

10295 = Þorsteinn Pálsson – Minister of Justice

8316 = Jón Sigurdsson – Minister of Commerce

5940 = Jónas H. Haralz – World Bank Executive Director

Other Iceland

6648 = Jóhannes Nordal – Central Bank Governor

8864 = Bjarni Bragi Jónsson – Central Bank Chief Economist

14314 = Benjamín Jón Hafsteinn Eiríksson – Harvard Ph. D.

9720 = Matthías Jóhannessen – Editor, Morgunblaðið


10989 = Orenthal James Simpson

8015 = John & Patsy Ramsey

4953 = Osama bin Laden

Violent Crimes

3586 = Murder


6899 = Nicole Brown

4948 = Ron Goldman

6100 = Brentwood

1204 = 12 June (4th month old-style)

1994 = 1994 A.D.


3718 = Jonbenet

3503 = Boulder

2510 = 25 December (10th month old-style)

1996 = 1996 A.D.


5557 = The Pentagon

9596 = World Trade Center

1107 = 11 September (7th month old-style)

2001 = 2001 A.D.


7920 = Excelsior Hotel

5060 = Paula Jones

803 = 8 May (3rd month old-style)

1991 = 1991 A.D.

4014 = Kiss it!


8486 = The White House

7334 = Kathleen Willey

2909 = 29 November (9th month old-style)

1993 = 1993 A.D.

22091 = I’ve wanted to do this ever since I laid eyes on you.


6045 = The Oval Office

8112 = Monica Lewinsky

1509 = 15 November (9th month old-style)

1995 = 1995 A.D. = 438097¹


VI. Come poore remaines of friends, rest on this Rocke

(# III. Construction G. T.)



1 = Monad

4385 = Hagia Sophia – Divine Wisdom

1000 = Light of the World

Cosmic Time

25920 = Platonic Great Year

Four Royal Stars

Heralds of Christ Consciousness³

2682 = Aldebaran

4672 = Regulus

3583 = Antares

4385 = Fomalhaut


Advent of Christ Consciousness

4000 = Flaming Sword


New Breed of Men Sent Down from Heaven

-5975 = Simon Peter

5829 = Simon bar Iona



Calculator for converting letters to cipher values is at:


¹A New Breed of Men Sent Down from Heaven

Now the last age by Cumae’s Sibyl sung has come and gone, and the majestic roll of circling centuries begins anew: justice returns, returns old Saturn’s reign, with a new breed of men sent down from heaven.  Only do thou, at the boy’s birth in whom the iron shall cease, the golden race arise, befriend him, chaste Lucina; ‘tis thine own Apollo reigns.  And in thy consulate, this glorious age, O Pollio, shall begin, and the months enter on their mighty march.  Under thy guidance, whatso tracks remain of our old wickedness, once done away, shall free the earth from never-ceasing fear.  He shall receive the life of gods, and see heroes with gods commingling, and himself be seen of them, and with his father’s worth reign o’er a world of peace.

²Abomination of Desolation

Message posted to friends on 26 February 2014:

While in Iceland last August, I met with Pétur Halldórsson at the Cafe Milano in Reykjavík. We discussed matters of mutual interest, including what my Saga Cipher work might “mean“.

I took a napkin and, for emphasis, wrote down the number 438097. This is the Cipher Sum of some three dozen names of persons, institutions, dates and events during the reference period, including two famous murder cases, a sex scandal in high places, and presumptive lies told in connection therewith.

I told Pétur (what I had long surmised) that I believed that this number was associated with a watershed event in human history whose final phase was upon our world.

An earth-shaking culmination of human and spiritual evolution.

³Four Royal Stars

Heralds of Christ Consciousness


The Four Royal Stars also called Archangel Stars are; Aldebaran (Michael), Regulus (Raphael), Antares (Uriel), and Fomalhaut (Gabriel). They are the brightest stars in their constellations and are considered the four guardians of the heavens. They mark seasonal changes of the year at the equinoxes and solstices. Aldebaran watches the Eastern sky and is the dominant star in the Taurus constellation. Regulus watches the North and is the dominant star in the Leo constellation. Antares watches the West and is the alpha star in Scorpio. Fomalhaut watches the Southern sky as the brightest star in Piscis Austrinus.

Cosmic Time Cycle

The East-West Axis of Aldebaran (Taurus) and Antares (Scorpio) as a pair, form the demarcation points of East and West that make the circuit through the Precession of the Equinoxes. This point is measured through the alignments made between these two stars and the Sun’s path, at their axis of rotation made around the Galactic Center. When these two stars are paired in the rotational measurement of equal axis alignment, this event marks the opening of the cosmic time cycle. When The Golden Gate activated recently, this reversed the positional movement of the East –West axis as per directed in the Divine Infinite Calculus. This is saying that these stars have changed their positions in the Galaxy from their previous time cycle, from the perspective of Cosmic Time. These stars form the Four Cardinal Directions (N-S-E-W) measured in the Cosmic Time Cycle, which are being adjusted to the Cosmic Compass designed by Divine Infinite Calculus. The new celestial direction in the cosmic time cycle form the Crown of the Magi, which is a type of Cosmic Celestial Time Calendar that opens Infinity. This is why they are referred to as the Four Royal Stars. At the end of the Precession of Equinoxes, they adjust position and form the Crown of the Magi. Those that wear this Celestial Crown are able to contact infinity, however, they must be embodied Christ Consciousness.

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