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AGS: Þraskúltúr Íslendinga

Í nýlegri skýrslu AGS um starfsemi FME eru nokkrir gullmolar um samskiptakúltúr Íslendinga.

Hér er einn um þras og smámunaskap:

„Banks comply with FME’s requests, but in practice the current situation is quite extraordinary – all major banks have been restructured and have to comply with additional requirements, and all boards are professional rather than appointed by more profit maximizing shareholders. This situation may change in the future. In the past experience, banks feel emboldened by the tradition that all the authorities’ actions need to be strictly based in law and regulations/rules, and given the culture of argument and contestation in the country, banks would argue to the letter of the legal text instead of the spirit and objective.” [feitletrun höfundar]

Og svo annar um formfestu og ópersónulegan samskiptamáta:

„Additionally, the process of providing feedback tends to be mainly through correspondence and does not include recurring meetings with the full Board and senior management…“

Glöggt er gests augað.

Flokkar: Stjórnmál og samfélag


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Andri Geir Arinbjarnarson
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